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About UNR

UNR, formerly known as Uniregistry, was founded in 2010 by internet entrepreneur and prominent domain investor Frank Schilling. The company was created to help businesses and individuals establish their online presence based on Schilling’s expertise in the domain name field.

In 2012, the company invested $60 million USD to apply for the ownership rights to 54 Top Level Domains, and was ultimately successful in acquiring more than 25 of them (including through joint ventures), such as .link, .click, and .help. Since then, Schilling has brought on some of the most talented industry participants to build and manage the most advanced domain name sales tools, operating technology, and IP rights protection services in the world. 

In less than seven years, Uniregistry grew to a team of 100+ employees across four continents and five business units: TLD operations, backend registry services, corporate registrar (Brandsight), retail registrar (Uniregistry.com), and domain name marketplace (Uni Market). 

In April 2020, the Uniregistry.com retail registrar, Brandsight corporate registrar, and Uni Market were sold in a groundbreaking transaction to GoDaddy. This allowed UNR to solely focus on its registry business, which today consists of TLD operations, innovative backend registry services, and patent-pending IP rights protection technology for more than 30 gTLDs and ccTLDs owned by UNR and its customers. 

In a move to completely dedicate the company and its resources to its backend registry and IP rights protection services, UNR has announced that 23 of its Top Level Domain assets will be sold in no-reserve auctions on April 28, 2021.

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Making history on April 28, 2021

To further Founder Frank Schilling’s mission of expanding the domain name industry and breaking new ground, UNR is taking the unprecedented step of hosting 23 public auctions for its independently-owned Top Level Domains. This format, for the first time, allows businesses, individuals, and groups outside of the domain industry to selectively pursue the TLD opportunities that best fit their strategies or budgets. By offering the portfolio on an individual basis, each Top Level Domain can benefit from dedicated stewardship and the entrepreneurial spirit that only a specialized operator can offer.

With UNR’s “Registry In A Box” program, groups outside of the domain industry are able to further develop their internet real estate without any additional staffing or technical investment.

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About Innovative Auctions

UNR has chosen Innovative Auctions, a leading provider of custom high-stakes auction solutions, as an independent facilitator for the auction event. Its team of more than 20 economists, software engineers, quality assurance experts, and auction managers has supported dozens of auctions for companies and governments around the world, with tens of billions of dollars in revenues. 

In TLD circles, Innovative Auctions is well known for designing and facilitating the Applicant Auction. Applicants for more than 140 TLDs, including some of the largest technology companies, have trusted Innovative Auctions with more than $500,000,000 in bidding deposits and settlement payments.


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The next chapter for UNR

By reinvesting the auction proceeds into the company, UNR will continue to operate as a dedicated registry services provider for third-party gTLD and ccTLD owners. Led by its team of industry veterans that possess unparalleled experience in building, operating, and selling nearly every component within the domain name ecosystem, UNR is uniquely positioned to help owners from all backgrounds grow their assets as the Top Level Domain story evolves.

UNR is especially well-suited to serve .Brand TLDs with firsthand knowledge of corporate management and IP rights protection. As a pure-play registry services provider, clients benefit from having a singularly focussed and fully-trusted partner in UNR.


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All 23 no-reserve auctions begin on April 28, 2021

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