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UNR is a technology and services company that provides industry-leading registry services and IP rights blocking for 10+ third-party Top Level Domains, including .trust, .yandex, .dm, and .ky. For more information, contact services@unr.com.

Registry in a Box

UNR’s full-service registry solution gives Top Level Domain owners complete freedom while monetizing their assets on UNR’s backend technology. All critical domain operations are seamlessly managed by the company’s in-house team, and real-time reporting is provided through one of the most advanced browser-based registry software interfaces available. TLD owners will have access to UNR’s specialized team of strategists, account managers, attorneys, developers, accountants, and sales agents to maximize the value of their assets.

Optional Trustee Services

For industry newcomers who want to remove any friction from the ICANN process, we offer a unique Trustee service that designates UNR as ICANN’s operator of record. This service is an optional benefit to the Registry in a Box program, and still entitles clients to full and unfettered ownership of their Top Level Domains.

Standalone Backend Technology

Hands-on owners can choose to run their TLDs on UNR’s backend, while managing all day-to-day operations and accounting themselves. The UNR suite of software is available for owners to manage registry-owned inventory, setup registrar promotions, track sales performance in real-time, generate complex and custom reports, and much, much more. 

Optional consulting services are also available to help owners navigate ICANN policies, transition planning, backend migrations, and business development functions.