What is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

A TLD, or Top Level Domain, is the phrase to the right of the dot in a domain name. For example, .com, .net, .link, and .help are all Top Level Domains.

What is a Second Level Domain (SLD)?

A SLD, or Second Level Domain, is the phrase to the left of the dot in a domain name. For example, “auction” is the SLD in the domain “auction.link.”

What is a domain registry?

The registry is the owner and operator of a TLD. Registries have full control of their TLD namespaces, and are only governed by the customary laws of their communities and the industry regulator, ICANN. Registries have the ability to implement their own business models to grow their namespaces and monetize registry-owned inventory and premium names. Registries can also create and use unlimited domains for their own purposes.

What is a registry-owned or registry-reserved domain?

Registries have the ability to hold back an unlimited number of domain names from public availability. These can be used by the owners for their own projects, sold through private transactions, or held for a future purpose.

What is a premium name?

Premium names refer to domains that carry premium fees due to their intrinsic value, scarcity, or keyword competitiveness. Zombie.game, NYC.flowers, and John.link are examples of premium names.

What is Estibot?

Estibot is a highly-reputable domain name appraisal service. See how much domain names comparable to UNR’s TLDs are appraised for here.

Auction basics

Are bidders' identities publicized?

No. Bid prices and bidder identities will not be disclosed at any time. However, winners should be aware that TLD change of ownership information will eventually become public on ICANN’s website.

Will individual auction results be publicized?

No. However, UNR reserves the right to disclose aggregate auction results.

Will the seller be bidding in the auctions?

No. The founders of UNR will not bid in the auctions.

What is a starting bid?

Each auction has its own starting bid, which is the minimum amount required to participate for that particular asset. The asset will be sold, so long as there is at least one bid for the starting bid amount.

How do auction bidders avoid overpaying?

In the competitive bidding phase, the winner only pays the amount necessary to win, which is usually less than the amount bid (eg the second highest bid amount).

Can bidders see who else is bidding or how much?

No. During the auction, bidders will only know how many other bidders there are for the specific assets they are bidding for.

Is financing available?

No, The buyer must wire the full purchase amount into escrow after winning.

Is it possible to bid for multiple TLDs together?

Each Top Level Domain will be auctioned individually, but simultaneously. Eligible bidders may bid on as many Top Level Domains as they desire.

TLD offerings

Are any of the TLDs restricted?

None of the TLDs are restricted, except .llp. Unrestricted TLDs can be used by anyone for any purpose. More details about .llp are available in the auction data room.

Who uses UNR TLDs?

Businesses and individuals in more than 200 countries and territories use UNR domain names. See a featured list of customer websites here.

Are any of the TLDs MIIT accredited?

Yes, .link received MIIT accreditation in 2017.

All 22 unreserved auctions begin on April 28, 2021

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