UNR Sells 20+ Top Level Domains for More than $40 Million

Between 10 and 20 Bidders, Including Six First-Time Operators, Won More Than 20 Top Level Domains in a Historic, First-of-its-Kind Auction Event

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No-reserve auctions for 23 Domain Endings

This event allows any qualified businesses or members of the public to acquire one or more of the highly-coveted Top Level Domain assets below, also known as domain endings:

The domain ending that gives your voice a website
The annual event that symbolizes shopping for the world
For one of the most cherished holidays and shopping seasons
One of the best truly generic TLDs that is also a call-to-action
America’s #1 music genre with 100 million fans
The domain ending for sites specializing in health and wellness
Florists in every geographic locale will one day have a .flowers domain
The priceless domain ending for a trillion-dollar industry
A domain ending for one of the most popular musical instruments in the world
The domain ending every business needs to support their customers
The future home of a genre that has defined culture for the last 25 years
The three-letter TLD that’s like a digital red ribbon
The domain ending that represents the backbone of the internet
Spanish for “games” and the ideal companion to .game for 1 billion Spanish speakers
One of the best, and most natural, natural TLDs that connects the internet
 An unlaunched domain ending for the LLP community
The three-letter TLD that exemplifies nearly every viral trend on the internet
The TLD for motherhood, with a familiar homonym as .com
The short and resonant domain ending when words don’t paint the whole picture
The affable domain ending for images of all kinds
The domain ending that gives homes, condos, offices, and more their own address online
 A short and flexible domain ending that is daring without being polarizing
A top-10 generic search term for nearly 20 years

The internet’s blockchain

Cryptocurrency has Bitcoin, Etherium, and ChainLink. Top Level Domains, like .com, .link, .photo, and .game, are the naming equivalents that allow any number of Second Level Domains, known simply as “domain names,” to be minted inside that namespace. To own a TLD is to become a member of an elite club that makes up the building blocks of the internet. Millions of domain names are registered each month by internet users to start websites, send emails, as investments, and more. 

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Dependable revenue streams with upside

Each Top Level Domain generates its own subscription-based revenue stream. TLD owners are the keepers of their kingdoms, governed only by the customary laws of their communities and the industry regulator, ICANN.

Without limitation by the seller, purchasers will have the ability to further develop these extensions, adjust pricing to increase uptake, and monetize registry-owned inventory and premium names. Top Level Domain operators are free to create and use unlimited domains within their namespaces.

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No industry
experience required

In an effort to simplify TLD ownership for businesses, individuals, and groups outside of the domain name industry, UNR offers a unique “Registry in a Box” and Trustee service for industry newcomers.

Allow UNR to run your backend and support your extension with a world-class team and suite of software, or select one of the many other service providers available. Optional consulting services are available to help you navigate the ownership transition.

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Breaking new ground

Due to their scarcity, the sale of any Top Level Domain on the open market is considered extraordinary. These valuable pieces of online real estate rarely trade hands. When they do, transactions are almost exclusively via closed or private deals.  UNR is setting new precedent by democratizing its valuable portfolio of domain extensions and making them available for purchase by any qualified bidder.

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All 23 no-reserve auctions begin on April 28, 2021

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